Charmaine Porter

Having a deep passion to see people experience the life-altering love and soul-healing of Abba Father, Charmaine has been involved in ministry (in and outside The Church) for more than 15 years. An original GA peach, she received her B.A. from Cedarville University, where she fell in love with student ministry. For 3 years she was privileged to travel the country while serving as one of the Lead Teachers for Dannah Gresh’s True Girl. After a short summer stint working with teen volunteers at Zoo Atlanta, she started serving at Impact 360 Institute, a Christian gap year program in Georgia that cultivates leaders who follow Jesus. She is a huge fan of her job, loves her family and friends, enjoys rewatching TV shows that she’s seen gazillions of times, singing, dancing, and is high-key obsessed with the Atlanta Braves.

Episodes appearing in

Charmaine Porter shares candidly with Michelle Hill how she has processed her own discontent with being single, and how the church has--or has not--been helpful in her struggle. View Show Notes →