Heidi Farrell

Heidi Farrell (Not Just a Stepmom) is a stepmom of two young adults and mom of three children, whose ages range from 23 down to 5 five years old.  She and her husband, Tim, have been married eleven years and during that time they have seen the full range of child development in their house, often all at once!  As a life coach and workshop speaker for moms and stepmoms, Heidi loves connecting with women by encouraging them on their parenting journey and in their spiritual walk.  She writes about her experiences and lessons learned as a stepmom, and provides practical strategies on her website.  Her articles have been published on such websites as Her View From Home, Love What Matters, and Today Parents.  A classically-trained musician, Heidi enjoys playing in the local symphony orchestra and teaching private lessons, and she also homeschools her three younger children.  You can find her eBook about the joys and complications of adding an ours baby to a stepfamily on her website notjustastepmom.com

Heidi Farrell is founder of NotJustAStepmom.com. She and her husband Tim have five kids in their blended family. She is a life coach, speaker, and blogs about lessons learned from being a stepmom. Her ebook about the joys and complications of adding a child to a blended family is available on her website, NotJustAStepmom.com.

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Many stepcouples want to have a baby together. Is it a good idea? Are there negative implications? In this episode, Ron Deal talks with Heidi Farrell about how an "ours" baby impacts a stepfamily and what dynamics should be considered in this decision. View Show Notes →