Hosanna Wong

Hosanna Wong is an international speaker, best-selling author and spoken word artist helping everyday people know Jesus for real. Widely known for her spoken word piece, "I Have A New Name," Hosanna shares in churches, conferences, prisons, and other events around the world, reaching across various denominations, backgrounds and cultures.

Born and raised in an urban ministry on the streets of San Francisco, Hosanna later packed her life into suitcases and traveled to churches and other ministries throughout the United States to share about Jesus through spoken word poetry. During those years without a permanent home, she began speaking and creating resources to serve the local and global Church.

Hosanna currently travels and speaks year-round, and serves on teaching teams at churches throughout the United States. She and her husband, Guy serve together in various ministries equipping people with tools to share the gospel of Jesus in today's world.

Hosanna is the best-selling author of How (Not) to Save the World. Her new book, You Are More Than You've Been Told releases August 2023.

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