Josh and Jen Mulvihill

Jen Mulvihill is a music teacher and homeschool mom to five children. She is married to Josh and together they are passionate about training children and families to know and love Jesus Christ. Jen considers it a privilege to be able to spend her days at home as a support to her husband and children. In her spare time, Jen can be found leading the homeschool band, which she launched in 2015, sewing, tending to her chickens and farm cats, and tackling a DIY project at their hundred year old farm house in Victoria, MN. Jen’s favorite things include growing deeper in relationship with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, encouraging other moms in the trenches of parenting, and laughing out loud with good friends over coffee.

Josh Mulvhill serves as the Executive Director of Church and Family Ministry at Renewanation, where he equips parents and grandparents to disciple their family and coaches church leaders in children, youth, and family ministry with a focus on biblical worldview. He is the author or editor of seven books on grandparenting including Biblical Grandparenting and Grandparenting as well as the author of Preparing Children for Marriage and Biblical Worldview. Josh helps to provide leadership to The Christian Grandparent Network and serves on the board of Awana. He was a pastor for nearly 20 years and has a PhD in Family Ministry from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he did his dissertation on Christian grandparenting. Josh’s primary ministry, and greatest joy, is being a husband and father. Josh is married to Jen and they and are blessed with five children. You can find Josh on the web at

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