Julie Plagens

Julie is a wife, mother, teacher, blogger, and author. Before she married, she taught speech, drama, and English for three years in the Richardson Independent School District. After she married, she became a stay-home mom. Julie has volunteered for many years locally and in South Texas doing VBS, food distribution, and door-to-door witnessing. Now that her children are grown, she is a substitute teacher for a private school in Dallas and works intermittently for her husband.

After a heartbreaking estrangement from parents who were in ministry, Julie realized she was not alone in her feelings of shame and her struggles to interact with family in a healthy way. Now that she has reconciled with her family, she wishes to help others find hope when they experience a family rift or a family estrangement. When Julie is not talking about forgiveness, she is sharing helpful tips on her blog about family, parenting, marriage, and faith. Julie lives with her husband of 25 years in Dallas, Texas.

You can check out her book Estranged: Finding Hope When Your Family Falls Apart on Amazon. Her blog is momremade.com, and her Facebook group is called Christian Parenting and Family.

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