Melody Fabien

Melody Fabien is a lover of Jesus, wife to Claudaniel (CD), and mother to Jael and Maria. Melody resides in Chicago with her family, enjoys serving in her local church and speaking at FamilyLife Weekend to Remember conferences. Melody also travels the US speaking and teaching about faith, love, sex, relationships and marriage. Melody is known for her humorous and animated style of communicating hard truths. She is also very passionate about connecting women to God and connecting them to each other. She has a heart to see young women set free and living victorious lives, both physically and spiritually. Melody also mentors female mentors.

She has published a devotion in the ESV Urban Devotional Bible (Crossway-2008) and has written devotions for One Hope (2011). She is particularly excited about the prospect of writing a book in the near future. Together, they have become a strong voice on the issues of sexual education, manhood and womanhood, healthy relationships, marriage and living with purity and purpose. Since being happily married in 2008, Melody and CD share their powerful story which has been an inspiration to thousands of people across the globe. They were featured on Fox News, CNN, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times for their unique love story.

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After her parent's divorce, Melody Fabien was hearing one thing about relationships from her mom, and something very different from her dad who had recently come to Christ. She tells her story to Ron Deal from the FamilyLife Blended® Podcast. View Show Notes →