Ryan and Selena Frederick

Ryan and Selena Frederick created FierceMarriage.com in 2013 when they felt God calling them to share, with brutal transparency, the struggles God had helped them overcome. Since then, Fierce Marriage has grown into a thriving online community with hundreds of thousands of readers each month. Ryan and Selena have two daughters and live in Tacoma, Washington.

Episodes appearing in

Ryan and Selena Frederick, authors of the book "See Through Marriage," join Dave and Ann Wilson and Bob Lepine to discuss the importance of openness and honesty in the area of sex within marriage. View Show Notes →
Ryan and Selena Frederick discuss transparency in marriage. Ryan explains the career and parenting sacrifices he and Selena have made to pursue a marriage where they are "fully known and fully loved." View Show Notes →
Ryan and Selena Frederick talk about the freedom in a marriage where both spouses are fully known and fully loved. Ryan and Selena also explain the difference between "keeping" peace and "making" peace. View Show Notes →