Beyond Small Talk And Sports: Brian Goins Ed Uszynski Darrin Mabuni And Aaron

Maintain your bro time even in marriage! Dave Wilson and Brian Goins, with guests Ed Uszynski, Darrin Mabuni, and Aaron Ivey, emphasize the importance of male connections, particularly within the Christian community. They explore how these connections contribute to great marriages, wise parenting, and overall well-being. Discover why having someone to follow and lead in life makes all the difference.

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Men, having other guy friends is key for successful marriages, parenting, and your overall well-being. But how do those kinds of relationships work? View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

Aaron Ivey

Aaron Ivey is the worship pastor at The Austin Stone in Austin, Texas. ( Aaron Ivey is challenging a generation of believers to take their experiences in corporate worship out into the world, to marry song with service. An advocate for those in need, Aaron has been living out the word of God not only through music, but by engaging in a lifestyle devoted to missions and justice, and educating others about poverty and adoption. Aaron and his wife, Jamie, have four children. “Having two children that were born and lived in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere for the first part of their life has been the most challenging thing I’ve ever experienced. It has brought a sobering reality to the fact that millions of children are in need of adoption and support.”

Brian Goins

Brian and his wife Jen love building into families and eating great food together. They have three children who all want to move to Montana. Brian serves as Sr. Director Special Projects at FamilyLife. He is also the executive producer on an adolescent-focused documentary series called Brain, Heart, World ( aimed at helping change the conversation about pornography in our country and has written Playing Hurt: A Guy’s Strategy for a Winning Marriage.

Darrin Mabuni

Darrin and Viv have served on staff with Cru for 34 years.

Darrin has led in various leadership capacities locally, regionally, and nationally. They served ten years on the Epic National Executive team, helping to launch the Asian American ministry of Cru. Now they serve with FamilyLife as speakers for Weekend to Remember. Darrin also serves as a local leader with FamilyLife helping to resource and reach marriages and families in Southern California.

Married 31 years, they are parents to three fabulous young adults and recently welcomed their first daughter-in-law to the family. They live in Mission Viejo, CA .

Ed Uszynski

Ed Uszynski currently serves as Senior Content Strategist for Family Life. He and his wife Amy regularly speak at Weekend to Remember conferences and since 1992 have worked in various roles with Athletes in Action, primarily training staff and ministering to college and professional athletes. He has an MA and MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a PhD in American Culture Studies from Bowling Green State University. They have four children and live in Xenia, OH. Follow him on Twitter @Uszynski32.