Receive: The Way Of Jesus For Men: Jeff Kemp

From six-pack abs to sexual conquest to a big bank account or even spiritual performance, you might get the idea real manhood is earned. But on FamilyLife Today, Dave and Ann Wilson host former NFL Seahawks quarterback NFL Jeff Kemp, who knows that can leave a guy burned out, isolated, and confused. He tells his own story of moving out of insecurity and into confidence in what really makes a man—without competing or pretending.

Former NFL Seahawks quarterback Jeff Kemp offers four solid strategies toward a powerful, humble, and fearless biblical manhood that goes the distance. View Show Notes →
Former NFL Seahawks quarterback Jeff Kemp shows what it means to receive your identity as God's son and drink in Jesus' perfect example of being a man. View Show Notes →
Former NFL Seahawks quarterback Jeff Kemp tells his story of moving out of earning manhood and into confidence in what really makes a man. View Show Notes →

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Jeff Kemp

Jeff is a champion for strengthening relationships and teams. He’s dedicated to building benevolent men, fathering and marriages.
After graduating from Dartmouth College, Jeff joined the LA Rams as an undrafted free agent. He and his dad, Jack Kemp, became the first of only six sets of NFL father-son quarterbacks. His dad played 13 years of football mostly for the Bills, and later ran for VP.
Jeff quarterbacked 11 years in the NFL for the Rams, Forty-Niners, Seahawks and Eagles. He says it helped a lot to throw to Jerry Rice and Steve Largent. He earned his MBA in the off-seasons, coached his sons’ youth teams and campaigned for his dad’s presidential nomination.
Jeff faced highs and lows, beating blitzes with touchdown passes on Monday Night Football…and getting benched, traded and released. He helped his teammates on and off the field.
Jeff discovered his identity was not in football, but in Christ. In 1993 he founded and led Stronger Families, a Northwest ministry to strengthen marriages and families.
From 2012 to 2017, Jeff served as a VP at FamilyLife. He is a Fatherhood Ambassador for the Fatherhood CoMission.
His mission with MenHuddle equips men in the Way of Jesus and teamwork of deep friendship. At JeffKempTeam he soul coaches CEOs and trains in LIFT Leadership to build teams. In 2015 he released “Facing the Blitz- Three Strategies for Turning Trials into Triumphs.”
Early in his NFL career, Jeff married Stacy. Their great joy is family – four married sons and six grandchildren. They enjoy mentoring young couples, playing tennis, skiing and speaking for Weekend to Remember marriage getaways.