The Intentional Father: Jon Tyson

Without strong mentors, boys are walking alone into a wilderness of conflicting messages about who they should be as men. It’s no wonder that our sons are confused about what the world expects from them and what they should expect of themselves. Join hosts Dave & Ann and Author Jon Tyson as he lays out a clear path for fathers and sons that includes specific activities, rites of passage, and significant «marking moments» that can be customized to fit any family.

Ever wonder how it's possible to spend time with your kids when you're emotionally exhausted? Explore the impact of 10 minutes daily. Jon Tyson shares practical insights for enhancing parenting styles. View Show Notes →
Shape your sons into good men by understanding your influence. Join Author Jon Tyson as he dives into the impact of habits, wounds, and the importance of positive role models. View Show Notes →
Navigate the challenges of boyhood with Jon Tyson's guidance, offering a clear path for fathers and sons through rites of passage and meaningful activities. View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

Jon Tyson

Jon Tyson is a pastor and church planter in New York City. Originally from Adelaide Australia, Jon moved to the United States over two decades ago with a passion to seek and cultivate renewal in the Western Church. He is the author of Sacred Roots, A Creative Minority, The Burden is Light, and Beautiful Resistance. Jon lives in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan with his wife and two children. He serves as the Lead Pastor of Church of the City New York. Learn more at