The Marriage Knot

Ron and Jody Zappia, authors of «The Marriage Knot,» thought that marriage would be easy, since they had dated on and off in high school and college. Jealousy over Jody’s corporate success, however, led Ron to look outside of his marriage for fulfillment. The Zappias share how God intervened and gave them the help they needed. Together, they share seven principles that, if faithfully practiced, will tighten the marriage knot and bring couples closer together.

Ron and Jody Zappia's marriage almost unraveled after the first year, but they gave their lives to Christ and their marriage another chance. The Zappias share seven principles that bring couples closer together. View Show Notes →
Ron and Jody Zappia might have looked like a couple that had it all together, but their marriage was falling apart. The Zappias talk about the day the Lord gave their marriage a fresh start. View Show Notes →
Ron and Jody Zappia thought that marriage would be easy. However, jealousy over Jody's corporate success led Ron to look outside of his marriage for fulfillment. The Zappias share how God intervened. View Show Notes →

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Ron and Jody Zappia

Ron and Jody Zappia grew up in Northeastern Ohio and met in middle school. Later becoming high school sweethearts and marrying, they entered the business world, but were on the brink of divorce in their first year of marriage. It was then that they met Jesus and their lives were transformed, ultimately leading to a life of full-time vocational ministry. In the year 2000, Ron and Jody planted Highpoint Church. What started as a handful of people meeting in a basement, praying for God to move, has grown into a thriving multisite church reaching thousands each week in the western suburbs of Chicago and beyond. Highpoint Ministries, the teaching ministry of Pastor Ron, launched in 2013 and includes The Marriage Knot Conference, daily and weekly radio broadcasts on over 500 stations around North America, podcasts, and resources available online for download and purchase.