The Seed Of The Woman: Nana Dolce

Therapist Laurel Slade-Waggoner talks about protecting her kids in her dangerous marriage—while staying strong amidst a narcissist’s attempts to control.

God's laced the Bible with stories of women strong or vulnerable, evil or deeply good. Author Nana Dolce examines a handful of these prominent females. View Show Notes →
Throughout the Bible, God employs unexpected saviors. Author Nana Dolce peers into the lives of Old Testament women who intervened for His people. View Show Notes →
Stories pointing to Jesus don't start in the New Testament. Nana Dolce explores Old Testament women's lives, unearthing truths that shape us. View Show Notes →

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Nana Dolce

Nana Dolce teaches women and children at The New Macedonia Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., where her husband is director of discipleship. She has an MA in theological studies. Nana writes for various ministries and serves as an instructor for The Charles Simeon Trust.