You Carried Me

Have you ever heard of a baby, who was born alive despite an abortion procedure, and survived to tell their story as an adult? Author Melissa Ohden shares the impact of that story of her own life, what it means to be wanted, and the challenges and joys of forgiving.

Forgiving those who hurt us is one of the hardest but greatest things we will ever do. Melissa Ohden relates the challenges she faced forgiving those, who oversaw her abortion, and tells the beautiful reunion story with her biological mother. View Show Notes →
Everyone wants to be wanted. Melissa Ohden shares about the struggle she faced after finding out she had survived an abortion, and how being wanted by her adoptive parents and our Lord made all the difference. View Show Notes →
We all have heard sweet birth stories that warm our hearts. Melissa Ohden tells her miraculous birth story of being a baby, who survived an abortion, and how that story has impacted her life. View Show Notes →

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Melissa Ohden

Melissa Ohden was fourteen when she learned that she was an abortion survivor. In her memoir, You Carried Me, she describes her decade-long search to find and forgive her biological parents. Her personal story of love and redemption cuts through the debates surrounding a divisive issue to touch our common humanity. It highlights the complexity of the abortion issue and invites more understanding and compassion for every woman impacted by abortion.

Melissa Ohden founded the Abortion Survivors Network and speaks nationwide.