Nancy Guthrie

Nancy Guthrie teaches the Bible at her home church, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Tennessee, as well as at conferences around the country and internationally, including through her Biblical Theology Workshops for Women. She is the author of numerous books and the host of the Help Me Teach the Bible podcast at The Gospel Coalition. She and her husband host Respite Retreats for couples who have faced the death of child and are co-hosts of the GriefShare video series.

Episodes appearing in

Nancy Guthrie recalls a season in her parenting when she realized she was worrying a lot more than praying. She realized her desires needed to be shaped by the Word of God. Using the Scriptures to pray helps parents pray for even deeper things. View Show Notes →
Nancy Guthrie wants to see children grounded in the Scriptures and practicing real prayer. This requires that children understand who God is. If we want our kids to have an intimate relationship with God, we need to model that. View Show Notes →
God has a history of getting the best results from empty vessels. Nancy Guthrie, Holley Gerth, and Dale Kreienkamp encourage listeners with God's promises from His Word. View Show Notes →
Have you lost a loved one, a job, a relationship? Dave and Ann Wilson discuss with author, Nancy Guthrie, how being empty can be the starting place for God to do His greatest work in us. View Show Notes →
Do you ever feel depleted, hopeless, or empty? Dave and Ann Wilson talk with Nancy Guthrie about her book, "God Does His Best Work With Empty," discussing how God has the power to make us whole. View Show Notes →
Every extended family has in it people who are far from God. But it's never too late, says Nancy Guthrie, for God to reach the most self-righteous or the most cynical and hard-hearted. View Show Notes →